So what size do I need? I have no idea! Something I hear often when talking about Wall Portraits so lets try and work through it.

When having portraits done its always difficult to decide what the right size for the space in your home would be. So I have written this post just to try and help understand the size of prints.

I hope this will be helpful for more than just my wall portraits – this really applies to any art or print that you might want to put on your wall.

Sometimes its hard to visualise the right size so here we go.

Firstly – Where is the piece going? Easiest way to think about this is in chair sizes. Is it going into the space where one chair is, or is it over a 2 seater couch space, or a 3 seater couch space? Its best to measure the wall that you plan to put the work on to see exactly what size the space is first.

Here are some examples of what images look like over a couch.comparisonshorizontal


This first image gives you 4 different sizes over a 3 seater couch. You can see that the largest one looks like the best fit, the rest start to look a little small when you see them in comparison.

over the 2 seater you can see that the largest looks to big.

You can put a group of smaller images together over a couch space to fill the space like in this example.




With the correct size over each space it makes a great décor addition to any room.

If the piece is to small it just doesn’t look correct.

It also makes a difference if the piece is vertical or horizontal.


To Small


Correct Size

Correct Size











Correct Size


To small











If you are going to go to all the trouble of having professional photographs taken, we want to make sure they look fantastic in your home so If you’re having a photo shoot with us and you have a space in mind take a quick snapshot of it and we can put your photographs into the space so that you can see exactly what the space will look like before making the decision as to what size and shape will suit your space

and one last comment.

from I couldn’t find the original post but I think this says a heap! Thanks Hill Photography for pointing out the obvious.