What should we bring with us for our newborn session?

Lots of nappies! If you will be formula feeding, also bring lots of extra formula. If you are nursing, be prepared to nurse a few times while you are there. I keep the room very warm for the newbies so please dress accordingly (layers are your friend).

Do we need to bring props?

I’ve got tons of stuff at my studio including hats, headbands, backdrops, baskets, buckets, you name it. Still, feel free to bring special things that you’ve bought, or family items you want included (monogrammed blankets, heirloom bonnets, a special necklace that will be passed down, etc).

Can we do portraits of the new baby and it’s older sibling?

Absolutely, I LOVE sibling shots…but I can’t guarantee it for very young siblings. We will try our hardest and I have lots of tricks and different ways to make it happen but I’m sure you know how unpredictable two year olds are…if they want nothing to do with the new baby, sometimes it just isn’t possible but i haven’t had a shoot  yet that we didn’t get something great of the new baby with the sibling or siblings. Something it is a good idea to have a plan for the sibling to be dropped off before or picked up after their portion of the session.

When do we pay you?

You need to prepay the session when you confirm your booking. if you are unwell, or need to change the daythat is perfectly OK. sometimes things happen and we need to re-book. i would rather re-book a shoot than try to photograph someone who is unwell.

What type of payment do you accept?

Direct Deposit is the most popular way. i can also send a paypal invoice, whichever is more convenient for you.

How long after the session will it be before our images will be ready?

Your images will be ready within 7 Days. your online gallery will be up for 7 days.

Do you also offer packages?

Absolutely, prices range from $285 for one single print, to $1295 for books and portfolio boxes.