This year I have made a promise to myself to start shooting more personal work this is one of those shoots

I have simplified my life and loved that there is also many others out there that have gone natural. I’m sick of dying my hair and I have really fine hair that doesn’t do well with chemical colours, bleaches and dye so I decided that the time was right to embrace the last bit of me that I was always trying to change. So I’ve grown out all the unnatural colour and slowly but surely the natural colours have come though.

A while back I photographed my mum who is all grey. Mum is such an inspiration to me. Its almost 5 yrs since my dad passed and she has gone through the tough times of grieving, learning to be on her own, and discovering who she is as an individual with such grace, positivity and gusto that I have learned so much from her and her strength.

My hairdresser Ashley McCormack(best hairdresser ever!!) told me about Mullins. She had originally gone into the Robbie’s Chop Shop because she wanted a barber style cut but Robbie only does men so he recomended her to Ashley. (Ashley was working directly behind Robbies Chop Shop at the time.

Mullins will be 70 at her next birthday and has such a fantastic outlook on life. What an inspiration and breath of fresh air she is. She knows who she is and what she wants, and recently got a tattoo!!

Mullins has the most amazing authentic smile. There is no smirk or little grin, it’s an all or nothing smile that is just contagious.

What I love about Mullins is that she knows who she is, and the quote that I got while photographing her was this:

“What other people think about me is none of my fucking business”

What a great attitude. Life is too short to care about what others think about you. You need to be happy in your own skin and live life to the fullest.

Thanks Mullins for being great fun to photograph and you really are a special person and thanks to Ashley for introducing me to such a wonderful lady.

The Grey Project

So if you know someone that would fit into my grey project please tell me about them. They need to be grey haired and feel comfortable in their own skin, have a positive and fun outlook on life and they can be any age.