“What I create for my clients is a luxury item. It’s not something you need, it’s something you want. It’s something that becomes  more valuable every day, it’s an investment, it’s a memory, it’s a reminder of the past, it’s a family treasure.” ~Melissa Neumann  

Every time I look through old photos it’s like opening a little door in my brain to a memory. I love opening up old albums and going back to those places and those people, remembering all the sights and smells and loved ones that made up each photograph.

When I create a portrait I want more than just a pretty picture on a piece of paper. I want to capture meaning and expression and emotion, I want to get through to who am I really photographing. I want to capture some essence of that person or event that can take me back to that day and remind me of who they truly are.

I believe that my job as a photographer is to create an experience that will give those I photograph the permission to be themselves, to let me into their world and let me capture what is truly beautiful about them and their loved ones.

I would love to show you how beautiful you are and I would love to fill your home with wonderful images of those beloved to you.

My calling is to create photographs that