Tell me ,what story is happening in your

Taking time out to have your family photographed is something that I hear all the time that everyone wants. But it’s also something that so many don’t get around to doing.

You have to manage to get haircuts done, the question of what to wear. And trying to find some time to get them all together around being the taxi driver that we all seem to be for our kids is tough. But what is tougher is realising that they have grown up and you have yet again missed a stage in your family that you would have loved to have photographed.

One thing that I try to do for all my clients is make the process of getting family photographs done and easy on. All the organising is done via the phone or email and if you have the time and really want to talk about the shoot in person I am up for that as well. But it is all about what is going to

suit you and your family.

The shoot is usually around an hour long depending on the age of the kids in the family and where and what style of shoot we are doing. Again it is about what is going to suit your family and your situation.

I have made it easy to purchase the photographs by creating a series of packages that suit most families. Books for those that like the idea of having something that will be pulled out and looked at when you want to. portfolio box’s so that you can frame smaller prints and give some to family and friends. And canvas packages if you love the idea of walking past a photography every day that reminds you of the important people in your life and that makes you smile. If you love sharing online then check out our digital package and if you are after a one of a kind piece of art the Bella Book is so beautiful.

There are no hidden costs and no pressure sales. It’s all about working out exactly what is right for you. I want

to become your family photographer. I want to make it affordable for you to have photographs whenever you want them. I want to capture all those wonderful memories as they happen so you don’t miss a thing.

So please, contact me today to tell me what story is happening in your life right now that you would love to record in pictures.