All About Mel

Master Photographer Melissa Neumann is also known as an educator, entrepreneur, small business owner, wife, mum and crazy cat lady. She works from her home studio in the inner southern suburbs of Adelaide. She has won many awards for her photography over her 30+ years in the industry including South Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year(2009) and South Australian Family Photographer of the Year(2010). She is known for portraits that capture the personality and beauty of her subjects.

She regularly volunteers her time to help strengthen the industry that she loves. She has served on the industry related boards and judged photography competitions in Australia and overseas.

Her calling is to create photographs that will exist long after she is gone that will be cherished and handed down through generations. By making photography sessions fun and relaxed she captures authentic expressions that are genuine and beautiful.

She believes that every person, particularly every woman, should have at least one great photograph taken of them to celebrate the different times in their lives. She enjoys regularly photographing her clients, who come back again and again to see her.

She taught photography for many years at TAFESA and is one of the founders which supports photographers in business for themselves. She is a speaker at State and National photography events. She has even been known to give photography tips to her clients who have a passion for photography. She strongly believes that photography is so important in capturing moments and history that she freely helps anyone that asks for it. She has a strong following on her YouTube channel that teaches the basics of Photoshop.