Pregnancy is an amazing time in anyone’s life.

When you think about all the months and years we live, 9 months is only a heartbeat of time but is such a dramatic milestone. It changes a woman’s body, heart, mind and soul. To be given the privilege of capturing this time is such an honor. So lets make sure that we do it properly! ~Melissa Neumann

Bump Birth Baby and Beyond

Imagine at your child’s 21st birthday sharing with them and with friends and family amazing photographs professionally captured as they grew through the years. We never seem to have enough time to enjoy a baby’s first year because it goes so quickly.

The Bump, Birth, Baby and Beyond packages are ideal for parents who know from the very beginning that they want the first year of their babies life documented with professional photography. In most cases, the Bump, Birth, Baby and Beyond plan is chosen, contact signed and purchase complete before the new little one even enters the world…….. Crossing one (BIG) thing off the very busy parents’ to-do list!!

When you purchase a Bump, Birth, Baby and Beyond plan you are purchasing a specific number of sessions and products/services. These plans are usually scheduled based around the different stages of your babies’ development in the first year. The most common stages are maternity, hospital, newborn, sitting, crawling, walking and 1st birthday.

However, some parents prefer to schedule their sessions based on the babies’ age, rather than developmental stage (i.e., newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.) and sometimes we use a different formula entirely. It doesn’t matter when your babies’ sessions occur, but they must be completed by babies first birthday.

Birth Photography

Wow, where do I start with this topic. Birth Photography is just such a gift to me. Every birth I photograph fills me with love and compassion and happiness. Being able to document the strength and love around having a baby is such a privilege for me.

During a birth as the mum you have no idea what is going on, or what the time is, or how things will progress. They are often in huge amounts of pain, followed by huge amounts of happiness and love. It’s an unknown and sometimes rather scary process. So being about to provide these images to my families is a gift that they and I cherish.

It’s not something that you are going to pull out and show the work colleges at the next social gathering, it’s something very personal that you might share with your child when their time comes to have a child of their own. It’s like a little special time capsule that will be discovered and treasured in years to come.

We have known Mel now for over 5 years and we feel very honoured and proud to know such an amazing woman.
She has not only won many accolades & awards Nationally but has won our hearts too. She is such a special part of our ‘little family’ and it is because of Mel that we will always have those special moments captured in time and preserved in print, not just in memories … thank you! … thank you! … thank you! … we love Portraits by Melissa Neumann!!
Naomi and Mark
Naomi and Mark
“I wasn’t sure to begin with whether i wanted someone photographing my birth, i didn’t know if i would feel comfortable with it. I am so glad that we decided to, Looking at the photos now it still takes my breath away” Kelly