I am a big fan of CATS!! I love them. Have always had them in my life and have been photographing them since I started photography back in the 1990’s. Only recently have I been in a position to really focus on making works of art of these amazing creatures.

What I like about cats is that there is no faking with them. They either like you or they don’t. There is no loyalty with them. They are sensitive and react to different people differently. They do their own thing and they are often sassy!!

We have 6!! 5 domestics and an Abyssinian. I have only just found the joy in showing a cat and with new laws coming in to reduce unwanted felines in Australia i am excited to see where the world of cats takes me.

Cats have stories to tell so I will be telling some of their stories via commissioned portraits. These portraits take time to create. its about getting to know the animal and then finding a way to show off its character.