For many years I have been including the family pet in my portraits of people, but over time this has developed into a love for capturing the unique elements that make a pet so precious. These guys are also part of the family and they are never with us for long enough.

I have started to specialise in this area because I just love it so much. The idea of having a unique art piece of a loved pet resonates in me because I also love my pets just so much. Having beautiful portraits of them keeps them with us well after they have left us physically. I have leaned this from experience. When I look back on my portraits of my pets over the years I can still feel their presence and they still make me smile.

Commissioned Pet Portraiture

This is more that just a photography shoot. This is a specialised service. Melissa will work with you to create a timeless art piece for you of your pet.

There is a unique bond with our pets. Melissa will talk to you about who your pet is, and what personality it is that we want to capture. Where do they feel most comfortable and where will she get the best out of them.

This planning phase helps her to understand where you want to display your artwork. It gives her an idea of the type of images that need to be capture and I will provide you with more meaningful information about price and purchase options you have available to you.

Traditional Photo Shoots.

If all you want is just a lovely shot of your pet then we can do a standard shoot just like we would with a family shoot. We choose a time and location and go out and have some fun. These shoots tend to be more spontaneous and less planing.