Your Wedding Day

You have been planning your day for so long, and now it finally arrives. Everyone looks fantastic, there is an emotional charge in the air, it’s all going to plan, but what you can’t plan is what is so important. That tear in the eye of a parent, the first glimpse that the groom has of his beautiful bride and the look on his face, the little smiles that go between Dad and Daughter as he gives his baby away, none of this you can plan. Sometimes its not even things you will see on the day, but you will feel it.

It’s my job as a professional photographer to capture these emotions and to tell the story of your wedding day. It’s not just about how you look or who was there but the magic is to capture how you feel.

Every wedding has different needs. Click here to find out more. Prices start from $1750 but please feel free to contact me for a more detailed quote.